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A Silicon Valley in Bendigo: What Bendigo needs

Vaughan Williams, who has a 25+ year background in I.T. and is a candidate for the Lockwood Ward in the 2020 Bendigo Council elections, has announced his plans for a new Technology-centric industry that he thinks should be located in Bendigo.

Mr Williams stated” I believe a Technology-centric industry which conducts research and develops Hardware, Software and Cyber Security would be a really great innovative initiative. The development of the Technology Centre could be a collaborative project between private enterprise, Latrobe University, Local, State & Federal Government (Regional capacity building and maybe the CSIR0). Bendigo could become one the major Cyber Security research, development and application Centres, not just in regional Victoria but Australia wide.

“There may be future opportunities to manufacture components for Defence Systems capabilities”, Candidate Williams said.

Mr Williams would also advocate for forming a local Smart I.T. City initiative group, involving some of the smartest I.T. business people in Bendigo and Latrobe University, so Bendigo can be the cutting-edge example to all of Australia in Technology for the benefit of the community.

Mr Williams indicated that this would be some of the initiatives he’d advocate for if he was a successful candidate.

“I expect there would be a huge interest in these projects and we already have land available in East Bendigo for such a facility”, said Mr Williams.

Mr Williams also thought that there would be a very positive impact on Economic Development and Employment through repositioning ourselves as a Regional Smart City and rebuilding our reputation as a Smart Country. This would help assist Bendigo’s and Victoria’s high youth unemployment and can also be applied to smart agriculture.

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Written and authorised by Vaughan. Williams – High Street, Golden Square VIC 3555

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