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Council must have a realistic & true view of the future of the City of Greater Bendigo, to meet it’s growing population, to understand the present and reflect on actual data from the past. This is where the truth is written. The economic performance of the Council should reflect the needs of social, cultural and the environmental growth of the city. Flexibility is paramount if we are to succeed. I encourage the youth of the region to understand council operations and to be involved in strategies for the future. Council must have the determination & drive to truly represent the residents of Bendigo and must have the integrity as leaders to build a vision for the future. I will encourage the regions rural areas to sustain food security to meet the local, national and the international demand. I will always encourage and support agriculture to retail.



Vaughan Williams is a local business operator in Bendigo, with over 25 years’ experience as an IT consultant and General Manager of Outside the Box I.T. Solutions & Outside the Box Media Solutions, an online & print media company.

Vaughan attended both primary and secondary school in Bendigo, until moving to Brisbane with his family to help run their news agency. Over the course of the following 15 years, Vaughan attained his Associate Diploma in Technology (Computing) working in the Information Technology sector in Brisbane. Vaughan worked with some of Australia’s major companies such as Boeing Australia, Rio Tinto and various government sectors such as Emergency Services, the Education Department and local council. Vaughan then went to work for Brisbane City Council as their Business Development Manager within City Design.

This gave Vaughan an in-depth inside knowledge of what was important for the future growth of a major city and more importantly the needs and wants of the community to help sustain and achieve that growth.

After the birth of his daughter, Vaughan decided that he wanted his family to reside in a city that has the strong country values that he was brought up with, so he moved back to Bendigo in 2006.

Over that time Vaughan has witnessed the outcomes of both the 2008, 2012 and 2016 elections. He has watched and listened with interest.

Over that time, many of the issues that have been raised by and for the people of Bendigo remain unresolved.

“A city can only have sustained growth through the creation of Jobs, Infrastructure, supporting local business, enticing new business enterprises, taking advantage of new technologies and the most important part… The wellbeing and life style of the whole Community.”

“The people of the community come first". "Of that you can be assured!"

Vaughan is commitment to the community and ethics in local government.

Bendigo a Welcoming Beautiful City in the Forest.