2020 City of Greater Bendigo Council Election Survey of Candidates BSG

I could not be happier to see that I have almost achieved a home run with the ridiculous Bendigo Sustainability Group.

It is very clear that they care more about climate change and making people walk or ride a bike than they are about creating JOBS! While, I am sure they are driving their big 4WD gas guzzlers. All while pointing their finger at hard working people just trying to survive, and telling them they are not doing enough for the CLIMATE!

Below you will find my answers to their ridiculously bias survey that can only be answered one way and that is their way!

You can either vote for JOB creation, manufacturing and new industries for the future, or a climate alarmist future. YOU CHOOSE!

2020 City of Greater Bendigo Council Election Survey of
Q1: Please enter your name – Vaughan Williams
Q2: Please select the Ward that you are standing in – Lockwood Ward
Q3: Please rank the following municipal responsibilities in terms of priority for action by the new Council using a scale of 1-9 with 1 being the highest. Supporting jobs & growth 1
Promoting sustainable energy 8
Managing food and water security 5
Upgrading roads 2
Developing strong emergency response planseg. bushfire,drought, pandemics3
Improving accountability to ratepayers 4
Building new municipal offices 9
Protecting native forests 7
Managing waste 6

Q4 – Do you agree with the following statement by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC)? ‘Warming of the climate system is unequivocal’and ‘Human influence on the climate system is clear’.


What do you think we should do about it in Central Victoria?:
I am more concerned about pollution and forest management in Central Victoria. This is where we need to start.

Q5 – Select the goals you support from the recently released City of Greater Bendigo Environment Strategy 2016-2021 and the Greater Bendigo Environment StrategyAction Plan 2017-2021 and the Waste & ResourceManagement Strategy 2014-2019; which includes

Council will support commercial scale agriculture & horticulture, and local urban food production, Council will reduce waste, increase resource recovery and reduce illegal dumping,

Comments: If we keep pursuing this 100% renewable energy generation coming out of this virus, it will just lead to financial hardship and more people living in poverty. We need real job creation and new industries that actually make money that can be put back into the community.

Q6 – Precinct planning is a way of building infrastructure around activities to encourage better access, mutual support and a higher public profile. Rank the following in terms of priority for new developments in Bendigo using a scale of 1-6 with 1 being the highest.

Manufacturing – to attract new industries and jobs to Bendigo. 1
Recycling – centres for information, education and action -reusing, repairing, up cycling, and recycling. 2
Sports – increase facilities in each suburb. 3
Community Living – precincts in each suburb – such as local cafe’s, market space, entertainment and recreation facilities, sharing sheds and community action spaces. 4
Shared Workspace Hubs – mutual support for the growing numbers of freelance workers. 5
Government Service – one stop shop for State and Federal Departments. 6

Q7- Do you support Council’s plan to transition rapidly (by say 2030) Greater Bendigo to an integrated transport and mobility network built around neighbourhoods containing most of residents needs and able to be accessed within a 10 minute walk or cycle or via public transport?


Comments: I find this plan a little over the top.. How are people to do their weekly shopping on a bike or public transport. I like the idea, but without a proper Vehicle transport plan to go along with it, it is lacking.

Q8 – Do you support the proposition that our urban areas should be designed predominantly for people and not cars? Do you support a rapid transition of returning outdoor spaces (including repurposing some carparks and road space) to people (for say bike lanes, out door dining, greenspaces, events, play spaces etc) including as urgent responses to COVID-19?


Q9 – Please rank the following priorities for revitalising the Bendigo City Centre Area using a scale of 1-8 with 1 being the highest.

Improving public transport 7
Developing more pedestrian and bike only precincts 6
Providing more car parks 2
Reopening the road through Hargreaves Mall 1
Encouraging residential developments 5
Encouraging large retail outlets 3
Increasing council rates for empty retail outlets 8
Creating a seven day per week community market space in the city centre 4

Q10 – Consistent with Council’s Walk, Cycle Greater Bendigo Strategy 2019 do you support us having a network of connected and safe bike paths and lanes, ‘separated’ from motor vehicle traffic, criss-crossing our city and towns so that people aged “8 to 80” (tourists and residents) can ride for everyday transport?


Comments: Yes I believe this is a great idea, as long as it does not disrupt people that need to use their own transport (Car)for family or business reasons.

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