Transparency and Accountability

For a Council that Listens

As a prospective councillor for the City of Greater Bendigo it is my goal to bring transparency and accountability to the elected council officers and council employees alike.  Listen to the community and openly show the changes being made to the community including the stages of ongoing, future operations and projects.

It is of paramount importance to support the growing needs of the community and to take seriously the voices of the rate-payers, encourage people to have a say as it will be heard and acted upon.

I am about building long term goals for the region and supporting local business to get the job done. Bringing jobs back to the people of Bendigo.

As a Golden Square resident and local businessman it is my intention that Bendigo Council builds a sustainable future which depends on positive forward planning. I stand for transparency, accountability and support a responsive new council.

Rate increases must be capped to the CPI each year. I’ll support refocusing priorities towards local industry and the local economy to create greater job opportunities.

The time for change is now and I will support ongoing external reviews of council. More support for Lockwood ward people, families, communities, business, clubs and organisations to give everybody a fair go.

Footpaths, drainage upgrades and better road maintenance are high priorities to allow safer linkages for the Lockwood Ward residents, together with a visionary transport plan.

Costly projects, overblown budgets and staffing costs under the current council avert funds from being appropriated into meaningful productive projects offering a sustainable financial return for the community within the Lockward Ward and across Bendigo council region.

For a council that will listen and represent you

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Written and authorised by V. Williams – High Street, Golden Square VIC 3555

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